Emotional Benefits

Warm and welcoming, the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is a special place where guests connect with animals. These emotional connections inspire guests to care about the animals and natural world.

From tigers to owls, to meerkats and apes, animals with their caregivers are regularly out and about meeting and engaging with guests. In these delightful moments, learning becomes accessible and stimulating.

Guests of the Cebu Safari are enveloped by a thoughtfully cultivated and nurturing environment. It starts with the animal caregivers who continually demonstrate their dedication to provide a high quality life for the animals living inside the Safari, and flows out to the rest of the staff, volunteers and guests.

Nestled in Cebu’s spectacular mountains in Carmen, Cebu Safari and Adventure Park’s natural setting is the perfect place for guests to connect with nature and learn how to conserve the planet for future generations.

Of course, not all animals at the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park can roam the grounds. That’s why cool changes are underway at the park to better showcase the animals in their natural habitats. The new state-of-the-art facilities will allow guests to observe clearly, and engage authentically with the animal. Now, that’s cool.