American Bison

Bison bison

I am the largest mammal that can be found in North America. Along with that, my kind and I, the bison, is the largest cow in the world. I am also known as a buffalo, greatly associated with the Old West and one of the iconic images of the Old West, too.

My kind and I, we are very unpredictable creatures but there is a way to still predict our moods. One way you can sense our mood is by our tails. If it is hanging down, and swishing in a natural way, then we are usually calm. But if it is standing straight up then it could mean we are ready to charge at any given moment.

Though I am naturally lazy, choosing to laze around and doze, I can run fast. I can run up to 35 miles per hour. I can also can jump high fences and I am an excellent and strong swimmer.

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