Asian Small Clawed Otter

Asian Small Clawed Otter

Asian small clawed otters are the most social among the otter species. They are often seen living in groups of 12-20 individuals. These diurnal animals are often seen playing, sliding down on mud banks and juggling pebbles and small objects. Although small-clawed...
Rusa Deer

Rusa Deer

Rusa deer are known to rarely to not drink water. They get their required fluid from the plants and food they eat. Rusa deer are predominantly nocturnal. They are mostly active in the early morning and late afternoon and this species is very sociable, and individuals...


Donkeys belongs to the same family with horses and zebras. Unlike their cousins, donkeys have much longer ears. They’re also much smaller than horses. Although donkeys are from Africa and Middle East, China has the highest number of donkeys in the world. These are not...


Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers seem to enjoy water and swim well. In Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, the tigers’ habitat has been built with ponds so they can swim freely when they want. White tiger, which is a rare form of Bengal Tiger, doesn’t have...
African Lion

African Lion

The Lion is one of the largest cats in the world with males being taller and heavier than females and displaying a mane of long hair around their faces. The color of the lion’s mane can range from blonde, red, brown, and black. Its color depends on the lion’s health,...
Striped Hyena

Striped Hyena

When they feel threatened, they can erect their mane and the hairs on their back to make themselves appear 30 percent bigger than they really are. Striped hyenas are nomadic, moving from one water hole to another but they never move more than 6 miles from a water...

A happy couple holding a white flowers in the garden

Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World is a beautiful tunnel garden featuring different kinds of plants from all over the world. You can see flora, landscapes, and representations of the seven continents, that’s why it’s called Gardens of the World! For North America flora representation, there are cacti and succulents. There is also a replica of the famous Iguazu falls for South America. Appreciating European culture, there are statues of Roman Gods and Goddesses you can see inside the garden. To represent the flora of Africa, there are cape leadwort and asparagus ferns, among others. There is also a Japanese Garden featuring bonsai trees and pagodas, representing Asia. Lastly, Antarctic flora consists of mosses and ferns which are also featured in the Gardens of the World.

Violet orchids with other kinds on its back

Michel's Garden

Michel’s Garden is a flora walking trail showcasing a vast orchid garden and featuring Senyorito’s 40-year-old orchid collection. Phalaenopsis, vanda strap-leaf, debdrobium, and oncidium are just a few types of the one million orchids you can see at the garden. For plantsmen, different types of plants and orchids are also available for purchase at Michel’s Garden.

African Savanna

Experience the thrill of an African safari ride! For the first time in the country, get up close and personal with zebras and African antelopes in this unique safari ride. Take the vehicle tour inside the African Savanna, and witness these animals in their habitat.

Operating hours: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Beautiful birds being feed by the keeper in the stainless pan

Bird Show

See Cebu Safari birds in action!

You can see various birds on the stage: from the friendly macaws, chattering lories, and African crowned crane to raptures like Philippine sea eagle, Philippine owl, and Philippine hawk. See their tricks and talents, and know more about our aviary friends at the Bird Show.

1:45 PM Daily.

White Lion Safari

Meet the king of the wild!

Meet our white lions all the way from France and Germany. Take the enclosed safari truck and enjoy the 15-minute ride in the white lion’s habitat.

Cut-off for tickets: 1:30 PM
Operating Hours:  09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Pick-up Points: Basecamp and Orangutown

Petting Zoo

Kids, have a chance to pet our baby farm animals! Meet and greet with our baby goats and cows, ducks, rabbits, and more.

Operating hours: 09:00 AM - 12:00 NN; 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Animal Feeding

Check out how our keepers feed the safari animals. Currently, we have feeding schedules for our giraffes, white Bengal tigers, and orange Bengal tigers.

Orange Bengal tiger feeding is at 10:30 AM
White Bengal tiger feeding is at 2:30 PM
Giraffe feeding is at 3:00 PM