Coleto Mynah

Sarcops calvus

They were formerly hunted for food in some regions.

They are commonly kept as a cage bird due to their ability to mimic human speech.

Mynah is a lively, confident, aggressive, and noisy bird. It is friendly and perky, and the large flocks that gather at roosting time are usually raucous and grouchy.

Mynahs love to build their nests in tree holes or abandoned nests of woodpeckers. However, they can be often spotted at cliff sides, walls or even in holes in rooftops.

Mynas often scavenge the grass for insects, especially grasshoppers. This is how they have gained their genetic name Acridotheres or “grasshopper hunter”.

The bird makes for a truly treasured pet, with its exceptional talent as an imitator. It can deftly mimic almost any sound it hear, right from the sound of human voices to the sound of a bird.

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