Ring-tailed Lemur

Lemur Catta

Hi, there! I am a lemur, a type of primate known as prosimians, primates that are at the highest risk of extinction.

We are nocturnal creatures and my name, Lemur, is Latin for “spirits of the night”. I originate from Madagascar and usually live in dry scrub, deciduous forests, montane humid forests, and gallery forests. I am an omnivore and I eat fruits, vegetables, and insects.

There are many different species of lemurs like the Alaotran Gentle lemur, Aye- Aye lemur, the Indri lemur, the black and white ruffed lemur, and the red ruffed lemur. I am a ring-tailed lemur.

Our tails are often longer than our bodies, and we also have pseudo-opposing thumbs and long toes. We use this to hold onto things and climb.

I am a very social creature, and grooming and socializing is a huge part of the family life for lemurs.

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